Ranbir and Deepika decided to make a big decision about wedding gifts, which Deepika would be proud of!


They married in the luxurious Villa Kame in Villa of Italy. The wedding reception of Ranbir-Deepika will be held in Vila del Balíbriello, on Lake Compa, surrounded by tight surveillance. However, if they marry themselves very luxuriously, they will not accept gifts from the guests, said Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukan.

Not only that, the costs to invite people to give their gifts are also given to the volunteer organizations. Deepika is a volunteer organization called "Live Laugh Love & # 39 ;, where donations are requested. Deepika Padukan and Ranbir Singh also called on the guests to help the poor and street children.

Meanwhile, invited to the wedding of Ranbir-Deepika, 30 guests have reached Lake Como. Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukan wedding ceremony will come very close. Guests are not allowed to use mobile phones during the wedding ceremony without permission. However, in the marriage of Ranbir-Deepika, in order to preserve the personal status of the new couple, it is therefore forbidden for guests to use mobile phones.

Meanwhile Ranbir and Deepika will return home soon after the wedding. Their grandeur reception takes place on December 1 and December 2. The reception of Ranbir-Deepika will be held on 1 December in Bangalore. On December 2 they will be in Mumbai, with another reception. It is believed that Bollywood celebrities will be present at the reception of Mumbai.

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