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Royal silk sarees royal kangana

The Indian pavilion is very busy at sea level. This is called the most cascading situation. Kangana Ranaut!

He appeared on Thursday (May 16) at 5 p.m. Wearing a festive sari that wears a sari. She looks perfect light radiant. Aspiration to take the mind away is so attractive!
The right shoulder in the open sarees kangana Hammers of red colored opaque foil up to the wrists of both hands. Stretch the hair and pull on the old-fashioned side. If you describe this in a certain way, the beauty of the prince is reflected in these cosmetics.
Old silk earrings and corset, designed by Falguni Shane Pickcock, were reminiscent of old-fashioned fashion. Eyeliner and mascara in eyebrows and eyebrows. Pink lipstick on the lips. Millions of dollars worthless beauty could say!
From the front there is no way to appreciate the style of the Kangana style. He understands how everyone should be monitored. That is why this 32-year-old actress is one of Bollywood's fashion divas.
Kangana came to Kansiq as a representative of the strict beverage brand Gray Gose. He came to the ear for the second time in this regard. She can be seen on the southern French coast until Saturday. He has reduced the weight of five kilos for 10 days to the Kanya festival. That's why he had to sweat heavily in the gym.
Kangna needs the weight of the role of Kabadi player in & # 39; Panga & # 39; to increase. He said in the Indian pavilion about his new work: & # 39; Monicornika & # 39; s incredible performance, the real story of burning canes and suggestions for the new generation, without getting firm ground.
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The 72nd edition of the festival was inaugurated on May 14 in the Palle de Festival building in the city of Cana, France. The worldwide event will be held in the sea until 25 May.

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