Several were detained during protests against sculpture in the capital 980051 | Tomorrow’s voice

Police in riot gear stormed a rally in the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque area on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. It is learned that the protest procession came out of the north gate of Baitul Mukarram after Friday prayers. It was then that they chanted slogans against sculptures. The students became involved in a dispute when the police obstructed the procession. At that point, the police dispersed the students. Seven or eight people were detained from the procession and taken to Ramna police station.

According to the students, an organization called Muktiyuddha Mancha had recently made insulting comments about Faizul Karim and Mamunul Haque and burned their images. Students from different places came to Baitul Mukarram to protest the incident. But the police stopped them.

Ramna Model Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Zahirul Islam told the media that after Friday prayers, about 100-150 devotees suddenly left a procession under the banner of “Touhidi Janata”. When we stopped and asked their demands, they attacked the police without answering. Later we distributed them. At the time, there was no leader they could speak to.

Ramna police SI Mamun said seven to eight people were detained and taken to the police station to hinder the government work of the Touhidi procession. They are released after verification and selection.

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