The elections of Bangladesh in the media of Australia

Like most other countries in the world, the news of the eleventh parliamentary elections in Bangladesh has been published in almost all leading media in Australia. The influential press, including Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), has spread news about elections in virtually all media.

The Sydney Morning Herald released a report entitled "The ruling Sheikh Hasina won a major victory in the Bangladesh elections." The full picture of the election is presented in the report. In addition, the news of the elections was published in all media, including SBS News, The Australian, Dot Au and Nine News, Sky News Television Channel. The headlines and issues relating to election violence have also become more prominent. It has been said that the influence of the government in the elections has also been discussed in several.

Sydney Morning Herald has released three reports on the elections in Bangladesh The report "Violence in progress, election of elections in Bangladesh is under way & # 39; was published on the day of the elections. The report says that after the violence, Bangladeshis participates in the elections, where Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will fight for the third term and the leader of the opposition outside the parliament is in prison. The mobile internet is closed and the streets of the capital are empty. Because the inhabitants of the city voted in their respective areas. Millions of new voters have been added to this year's election. Earlier, the main opposition party Bangladesh National Party (BNP) withdrew the elections and demanded that there should be no free and fair elections in 2014. In this year's election, Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has been in jail for corruption since February.

ABC News released the report titled Season's Crash, Electoral Rally and Elections in Bangladesh against various charges & # 39; At the beginning of the news, 17 people were killed in connection with the elections. For the third time Sheikh Hasina is elected prime minister. In addition to the general situation of the elections, the report mentions the unstable position of the opposition in the elections.

SbS News, The Australian, Dot News and Nine News, Sky News Television, all other media news related to election violence were mentioned.

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