The guideline to investigate the third energy conspiracy was directed by CEC

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda has given instructions to see if there is a conspiracy of a third party about the election. Intelligence agencies asked to be careful with this problem. He gave this directive at the meeting of law and order coordination for the election of the eleventh parliament. During the meeting, the CEC asked whether they intended to create a terrible environment, such as the elections of January 5, 2014. With the violent situation at the time, he ordered law enforcement agencies to make a safety table.

The CEC was the chairman of the meeting that was held during the election on Thursday. Journalists were present during the welcome speech of the CEC at the meeting. Later the closed meeting was held. According to the sources of the meeting, Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder asked all candidates at the meeting to ensure a level playing field. He said that the biggest challenge in the elections is to keep the administration of public administration and law enforcement agencies under control of the EC. This is very difficult. Another election officer Rafiqul Islam warned the members of law and order and said that professionalism had to be shown. Do not look too enthusiastic or disinterested. He ordered the activities of the magistrates to be made visible. Commissioner Kabita Khanam said that law and order forces should be held accountable if they are arrested for no reason. Brigadier General (retd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury said voters should have the opportunity to vote and lead the campaign. We do not want any form of violence and casualties in the elections.

The CEC said in the welcome speech: "We will not forget the January 5 elections, when there was a terrible situation, and in the light of that incident, we must adopt the contours and strategies to prepare for these elections. To pass on this situation, a careful watch must be kept.You (the law enforcement members) are responsible for protecting the lives of the people, protecting the property, protecting the property and keeping the property normal conditions in the country, and I hope that we can deal with our experience of neutral professional responsibility, skills and mentality.

The CEC said: "We can not completely ignore the threats.After the allocation of symbols, two lives had disappeared, here destroyed.After them we will have to look carefully if they intend to create a terrible environment such as 2014. Intelligence services would be a careful We have to abandon the culture of putting someone else's neck in. He said that the deterioration of law and order will not be taken lightly, political leaders must adopt a cautious attitude, in the meantime there will be no third power pact must be investigated.

In connection with the recent violence in various districts of the country, the CEC said that there is no reason to think that the incident with murder is an isolated incident, just when the spontaneous uprising occurred in the elections. Everyone should be aware of this, especially the electoral authorities, the administration, law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, political leaders, the conscious people of society and people.

The CEC said that the best use of professionalism and neutrality should be exercised during implementation. All forces will have to adjust the coordination with the local government. Illegal weapons must be recovered. He said that minority communities and women will be able to control the safety of voters. The terrorists must be controlled. They must be held when necessary. He also said that no one can be arrested without reason. There can not be a harassment case against someone. He hoped that the elections would be free, fair and acceptable to everyone.

EC secretary Helaluddin Ahmed said that such a violation of the code of conduct did not take place during the elections. During the eleven parliamentary elections, representatives from the two departments of the Ministry of the Interior, Chief Officer of the Armed Forces, IG or Police, RAB DG, BGB DG, Ansar and representatives from various intelligence services, recurrent officials and police superintendents of all districts and senior officials present at the meeting.

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