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The punk stopped recording the film

The movie & # 39; Phani & # 39; stopped the movie. The weather all over the country is now in disaster. People spend time in the gruesome storm and storm in the rain. Rashid Palash, who a few days ago in the movie & # 39; Padmapuraan & # 39; on the Padma River in Manikganj. The recordings of the film have been closed since the last two days. In violin weather shooting of the 75-strong team, including actress-actresses, is stuck there.

On Saturday afternoon, Rashid Palash Jago told News: "I've been photographing here for eight days. There are days left to shoot of this fate. We have been in great danger of the stormy weather. I was stuck with the shooting team of 75 people It is not possible to take photos if the environment is not correct. & # 39;

Heroine Prasun Azad acts as a drug dealer in this film. He joined the shooting since April 1. Prasun Azad said: "We photographed very well in our shooting. Yesterday the pony hit our shooting. We can't shoot. We would return to Dhaka on the 7th day. Now everything depends on the weather.

The screenplay of the film is written by Raihan Shashi, produced by Purna Films. Apart from Prasun Azad, Champa, Shampa Reza, Don, Shimul Khan and others have also played a role in the film.


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