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The rain has stopped: the game is 24 overs: -770431 | Kaler Kantho

After the rain stopped playing in the field, the Tigers are warming up. Photo: AFP

The Berserische rain gave twelve balls of the final. The length of the match was reduced to 24 overs in the rain due to a long playing time in the rain. The local time is around five and a half times in Bangladesh, at 10:30 PM. Although there is a possibility of more rains in the weather forecast. West Indian innings are left 3 over 5 balls Before the game was over in the rain, the Caribbean threw 131 without losing a wicket in 20.1 overs.

The rain stopped in Malahide There is no black cloud in the sky. Light roses coupled. After the race was closed in the rain, the work to move the cover started for the first time at four o'clock & noon. Because the soil is wet, the game is delayed. The referees will visit the ground again in four to forty minutes at the local time. For the World Cup there is no risk of being injured during fieldwork. So wait for the field to dry.

Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza took the battle and won the pitch on Friday in the Malahide conditions in Dublin. But in reality the opposite happens. Bangladesh has not been able to use this possibility until 20.1 due to rain. On the other hand, Windies took 131 runs without a wicket. Shane Hope was not out and Sunil Ambrose was undefeated at 65 or 65 before the game was over.

The Caribbean did not lose wickets for rain As a result, the West Indies got the benefit of the 24-over match. Because the first half of the West Indies scored the points in the 50-over match, the inning of the West Indies did not have to be stopped as long as the number of runs, the target of Bangladesh must be much more than that.

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