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The sixth tragedy was driven mad for the wedding

Nizam Matubbar, son of Ladu Matubbar from East Chunakhali, village of Kukua Union under Amtali upazila of the Barguna district. Although he is a cow trader in the trade, he is better known as marriage, Nizam.

In the meantime, the sixth wife has been wounded by the beating and injuring of the fourth wife Nizam. At the same time, the first woman beat a boy and beat him. Nasima Begum, Nizam Matubbar's fourth wife, summoned Amtali police station after the incident on Saturday night.

According to the case sources, Nizam Matubbar has been working for many years to buy and sell livestock. Under the company he is getting married one by one. In 1995 she married the first woman named Jahanara Begum. Nizam divorced after the first wife gave birth to two children. Later another woman named Khajida was married. Nizam, who had three women, gave him a divorce.

Then Marufa married another woman, Nizam. In 2007 she married another woman, Nasima Begum, in the fourth marriage to another woman. In January of this year, Nasim was married to a 13-year-old girl named Nila in the same area as the fifth woman, without knowing the fourth woman, Nasima.

It is also taught in the lawsuit that Nizam seeks the permission of fourth wife Nasima and fifth wife Nila to marry the sixth marriage. Although the fifth wife Neela agreed, the fourth wife Nasima prevented her from getting married without permission. On indignation, on May 6, Nizam injured his fourth wife with a sharp weapon and strangled him in the house. The locals rescued him after he received the call from his wife and gave him access to the Amtali Upazila health complex.

Injured Nasima Begum said, before I married me, four more married Nizam. In January of this year, she married a 13-year-old girl named Nila. I want my marriage permission now. I did not agree with this because I was badly injured by a sharp Nizam weapon. I want justice for this incident.

Riyan, the wife of the first wife of Nizam Matubbar, said the father had been married for five years so far. 6 try to get married. He broke his hands and feet after hindering his sixth marriage. We can't have a face in society because of my father's dirty work.

Marriage husband Nizam Matubbar denied multiple marriages and injuries to his wife Nasim, said: "My son and wife abused me and forced me to leave the house.

Amtali Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Abul Bashar said that Nizam Matubbar was married one after the other. To prevent them from getting married, they beat the fourth woman. The case has been filed. Try to arrest him.

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