The story is Shaun and Humayun's two cheeks of raw yellow color

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The story is Shaun and Humayun's two cheeks of raw yellow color

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Leading fictionist Humayun Ahmed The 70-year-old birthday of the legendary man Comedian and producer late Humayun Ahmed and producer-producer Meher Afroz Shawon's relationship Husband and wife They married on December 12, 2004. Hereafter, this couple had a happily married life.

But in 2012, the death of Humayun Ahmed ended their married life. Erin is survived by the memory of Humayun Ahmed, son of Nineet and Nishat, mother Shawon.

Many people know the stories about the marriage of Humayun Ahmed and Shaon. The stories about their wedding are again marked for the newsmakers of the wizard's birthday.

Mehar Afroz Shaon told last year the story of a married couple through a Facebook status.

& # 39; Unlucky Thirteen, Wake 13 This 13-number is the best for me. The most beloved man in my life is 13th birth date. The date of our wedding day was about to be 13. But suddenly Humayun Ahmed thought he would marry a day earlier. He decided to celebrate 12 December 2012 (12/12/12) and celebrates it (13th of a month when he thinks he will celebrate on 13/13/13).

At the moment it is clear that many stories go, in return, I mean December 12 our wedding date, hmm. It was a very simple way to marry my marriage. I thought that some kind of a sari would be pronounced three times and a few signatures on a blue paper. The friends of Humayun Ahmed stand next to him, his mother, the mother of the publisher Mazharul Islam (the favorite friend of my mother-in-law).

When he came to ask for his blessings and asked for his blessings, he clearly said that he had complete faith in the intelligence and visionary of his grandfather. When the eldest son decided to marry, he must have assumed his own meaning. Although he himself is not present, his good wishes always remain for the dear son's decision. Someone in my family is not with me, even if there is no friend. Everyone has left me

On December 11 Humayun sent me to New Market. Goal, buy a yellow sari. In the evening I saw a little yellow after a yellow sari on my own. He said that you have had many dreams about yellowing the marriage. I am not getting fit because of getting married. I'm so shy. Even then I want you to wear yellow sari's tonight and decorate it with flowers. For me, for your future child, for me, we will both thrive today.

I only bought sarees. Bamboo flower chain. I think a red Punjabi has bought it. In the evening he prepared himself. When I saw myself in the mirror in the bathroom, my eyes burst. Blink with the eyes of the hawk in the ears. Suddenly you hear the sound of the bad door in the bathroom. When I opened the door, I saw that the wife of the gold of Mazhar Bhai was gold in the hands of the daughter-in-law, next to the three-year-old Amiya.

Humayun Ahmed, who smiled in a red Punjabi for a short time, licked it. The other friends of Humayun and their wives came into the house and their wives. They dragged me by the hand in the next room. A side with four or five lamps arranged. There is a glittery handy! The author of Mainul Ahsans brother Kia Bhabi and the wife of Mazhar Bhai Golda Bhabishi, and the hand of Humayun, "Rakhi", it is a murder! He is everything! She is yellow on another side. Another familiarity gave Naamiara me all the girls. The two cheeks of me and Humayun are raw yellow.

Oh that night of 2004. On 12 December 2004 Kusum and Humayun started a new life.

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