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Those who win the Supreme Court Bar election

Those who win the Supreme Court Bar election

Bar & # 39; s new president Amin Uddin and editor Mahbubuddin Khokon

The results of the election of the Bar Association of the Supreme Court (201-20-2020) have been announced. BNP has won eight places in the election and Awami League has won the remaining six posts, including BNP, the post of Awami League and general secretary, and will represent 9,000 lawyers in the coming year.

Amin Uddin, the white panel of the attorney of the Awami League, has held the position of president. BNP Secretary General Barrister AM Mahbub Uddin Khokon, candidate for the blue panel, won the general election.

In one of the two vice-president posts, the Awami League won the second and the other. Two editorial posts share the same panels as two panels.

But BNP has won the position of treasurer, the panel led by BNP won four of its seven posts.

After a few hours on Friday, Chief Commissioner AY Mashiuzzaman announced the results in the hall of the Supreme Court Bar hall.

As a result, it appeared that AL candidate M Amin Uddin received 3225 votes, his closest rival BNP's AJ Mohammad Ali received 243 votes.

BNP Secretary General Mahbub Uddin Khokon received 3057 votes, his closest rival Abdun Nur Dulal received 264 votes. Khokon won this post seven times.

Two vice president posts were won by Abdul Baten from BNP and Awami League. Jasim Uddin 2849 votes

BNP treasurer has won the treasurer Imam Uddin 2947 votes. His closest rival Awami League Syed Alam Tipu received 2830 votes.

Awami League's Kazi Shamsul Hasan Shu 2729 votes and BNP's Sharif U Ahmed 2722 votes were won by two vice-presidents.

The panel supported by BNP won four of the seven executive functions. Those are – Rashida Alim Oishee, Mohammad Osman Chowdhury, Kazi Akhter Hossain. Three winners of the Awami panel. They are Afia Afroz, Chanchal Kumar Biswas and Shamim Sardar.

BNP has lost the exclusive leadership of the Supreme Court, as chosen from two panels in the position of president-editor. The leadership of the lawyer in the Supreme Court was divided into two parts.

Under the previous two conditions, BNP lawyers were led by the Bar Association of the Supreme Court. During the last two terms, the president was lawyer Zainul Abedin. Mahbub Uddin Khokon has been the general secretary for the past six years. He was chosen as the Secretary of the Seven Times.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the first day of voting of the Order began in the elections. Two thousand 970 lawyers argued this day. The following day, 2,851 lawyers voted.

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