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Tottenham wrote an incredible story about his turn in the final

The English club Tottenham Hotspur gives birth to the fairy tale in the UEFA Champions League After Liverpool's incredible victory over Barcelona, ​​the World Cup won another incredible victory. In the first stage, the English team was behind in the second stage, trailing 1-0 in the first stage. Driven by 2-0 goals, the sparrow-force increased the incredible one-win win of 3-2. And the name of the winner of this victory is Lucas Moura. Tottenham scored a hat trick with a two-goal knock of 3-2.

Dutch Club Ayaks scored goals against Tottenham in the Amsterdam Arena from home. Hugo Lauris returned Dussanne Tadichen in the fourth minute. With the head of the corner, Leila scored the lead with the team.

The difference was doubled in the 35th minute. Hakim Jiek picked up the ball from the left side of the pen drive in the penalty box. He scored the ball in the powerful movement of the left foot. After the fall, the hopes of the English club were brought down.

Tottenham is desperate to return after the break. They speed up the attack. In the 53rd minute, Dale Ali Ayax goalkeeper Andrei Onana shot back. However, the successive successes of this team also received the guest team. 55 minutes into the match, Lacus Moura reduced the lead with a ball from Dale Ali to the counterattack.

Three minutes later, Moorea struck again. With a Tottenham attack, the Ayax keeper was unable to freeze the ball completely. Getting out of the sloping force got the moura. The Brazilian midfielder did not make the mistake of putting the ball into the net.

Frustration-eyed playersAyaks gets the chance to move in 63 minutes. But Jiek wasted a simple opportunity. Golpost gets a ball out of Tadich's pass and is very missed because he gets a zero. In the 79th minute, Ziek & # 39; one stroke came back to the goal post. In the 87th minute, Onana returned from the corner of the Hugh Min Saan from Corner.

The dramatic moment of the match comes in the fifth minute of the injury. After receiving a ball in the debox from Dele Ali's side, Moore sent the ball to the right foot on the left side of the fall of the shaft. When he completed the hat trick, he gave the team 3-2 goals. The hosts must sink into the frustration of the dream breaks.

Ayaks did not get a chance afterwards. The two-legged match ended 3-3, but at the end of the Champions League history the players of Pachtinova came to the final for the first time.

Tottenham will compete against Liverpool for the second time in the final & # 39; All England & # 39; in the history of the Champions League in the Wand & # 39; a Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid on June 1. With that, the Champions League title is played in England six years later.

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