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Various popular songs about mother

Showbiz agency: Mother keeps the child in danger and shows the way forward. Whatever the child is, the affection of the mother is not denied. Mother Mother is celebrated around the world on 12 May. The day is surrounded by a variety of packages. She also organized a variety of songs with her mother. The songs heard in the mother's heart are crying Many songs, poems, stories and films have been written about Mother in different languages. Similarly, Bengali artists have sung a number of popular songs with the mother of the country's artists.
James sings this song that took place in 10 months and 10 days. Tune in and talk to Prince Mahmud. In 1999 the album was still quite popular due to the double checkered flood album.
Ma Ma Ogo Ma, I made a bunilii diwana. It is the late song photo & # 39; s of & # 39; Dilip Biswas Tomb & # 39 ;. Artist Khurshid Alam, who gave voice to Gazi Mazharul Anwar and sang in the real Sahara song
Falir Alamgir, the artist of art to cut a breast milk. Everyone is greatly appreciated by singing a program on BTV. In the nineties Ajit Roy again recorded the song for BTV. Later the song was added to the Sakhina-2 album by Fakir Alamgir.
& # 39; Don't give so & # 39; n mother & # 39; – this song has been spoken and composed by Dr. Nasir Ahmed Song artist Ferdous Wahid On December 24, 1975, the song was broadcast at the special BTV concert. Shortly after the promotion, the number received a lot of response.
Ashaq Iqbal wrote the song about Tara in the air and Shawkat Ali Imon composed the song. Artist Cloakup One star Rashed
Rumana Islam sang the song like no one in your mother's rays. The song is written and tuned by Khan Ataur Rahman. The song was released in 1979.
Ammajon, Ammajon, Eye Gem Ammajon, Pran & Mine Ammajon, Chest Phrase Ammajon The 1999 song of Kazi Haayyat Ammajan was released in the film. Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul gave the voice to the song Ayub Bachchu. Gauriprasanna Mazumdar has sung this song and has forgotten the fat side, Hemant Mukherjee sang and Hemant Mukherjee sang. In 1957 the song was first sung in Uttara Kumar & # 39; s film & # 39; Murutirtha Hinglaj & # 39 ;. Sudhir Lal Chakraborty has put my mother's smile on honey. Pranab Roy writes song My mother's sweet song was sung by many artists.

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