Virat cleans his shoes, Anushka took the picture invisibly

The IPL ended two days ago. At the end of the competition, the Mumbai Indians showed their enthusiasm by winning the trophy. Even though they had already fallen out of the IPL. While it did well at first, it was a disaster in the end.

However, Anushka was in every match with Virat during the IPL. The actress encouraged her to stand in the stadium and cheer for Virat, the actress did everything even when she was pregnant. In addition, they are called ‘power pairs’. Virat’s birthday was celebrated while in Dubai. Those videos and photos are quite viral on social media too. Recently, another photo of this couple went viral.

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This funny photo shows Virat cleaning his shoes with one ghost. Rubbing with a brush is picking up the mud attached to the shoes. This photo of him was framed from behind by his wife. Anushka not only took photos, but also shared them on social media. Buss, Kellafte. Once shared, the photo spread rapidly on social media. Very beautiful and funny comments also come from the big and anushka fans. Net people are having fun with that movie right now.

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Last August, Virat and Anushka announced the news of the arrival of a new member in their family. Previously, Viratpatni posted several funny videos during the lockdown. Whether it’s spending time together, playing fun games or taking a selfie before a morning walk, Virat and Anushka have it all shared on social media.

Their child is coming next January. Virat wants to be with Anushka in that emotional moment of having a child. For this he wanted paternity leave. He has also been given leave of absence from the Indian Cricket Board. It has been learned that Virat will move to Anushka as soon as he plays the first test match against Australia.

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