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Whatsapp is closed on mobile

Soon the operating system of the smartphone on Windows, & # 39; the world's most popular messaging service WhatsApp.

The Facebook-busy popular chat messenger has announced the withdrawal of support for Windows Phone. British tabloid Mirror reported.

According to the WhatsApp Authority, the news is that within six months all Windows-compatible smartphones will stop supporting the apps.

"You can't use any Windows operating system after December 31, 2015," says WhatsApp. Because we no longer work for this operating system, some functions can be stopped at any time. "

Not only Windows, but also older versions of Android and iOS are excluded from popular apps.

Android 2.3.7 and older versions and iOS 7 and earlier versions were closed in February 2020. WhatsApp

Recently, the & # 39; Advanced Search & # 39; added in Watteltonfo. The beta version of WhatsApp has been tested by informing new features.

There is already a search function in WhatsApp. This allows the subscriber to retrieve the message and the chat threshold.

With the new advanced search you can achieve more benefits than the previous version. You can filter video, image, audio, document, live or link via new search.

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