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Which team wins the World Cup, says astrologer

Cricket World Cup Speculation has already begun – imagine The cricket boards have predicted various things. Now a team will also win the title astrologer.

The famous astrologer Greenstone Lobo based in Mumbai says that England or Australia will win the 2019 World Cup.

Based on the birth of 10 captains of the World Cup participants, he has compiled this figure. According to him, the leader of the party was born between 1985 and 1987. They will win the trophy.

At this time, the planet Uranus and Neptune were in the most powerful position. At the time of the discussion, Aaron Einrich from Australia, Eoin Morgan from England and Sarfaraz Ahmed from Pakistan were born.

However, Lobo has dropped Sarfaraz. Because Pakistan has already won the title under his leadership. The Champions Trophy (2017) for the first time,

He again leads & # 39; the world's most successful crown to win the crown. Because, the most fortunate mortal as the planets and stars. In fact, the hypocrite believes that the hosts will be champions in the upcoming World Championship. Now see what is true of his count!

A few days ago, Lobo predicted that India would not win the World Cup. Because at the highest point this year, cricket analysts think of hot favorites for Team India.

References: Mumbai Mirror

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