& # 39; If someone looks at the girl, you will hit her & # 39;

Recently there have been rumors about sexual harassment and arrest in Bollywood. As a result, the masks are opened after one by one large Raghav Boals. As a result, there is no debate in Bollywood. The parents of Bollywood's neighbors have fallen in love with it.

Saif Ali Khan, who stood next to the complainants at the moment the movement was in Balipara. If there is sexual harassment of a woman, she can feel the pain and there is no one. Saif said in such a statement. The G-News report said on Monday.

He said that if Saif Ali Khan would abuse Saif's daughter Sara Ali Khan, she would hit her. He will not give up the person in any way. Not only this, there is no objection even if the person goes to court even after he has insulted the girl and killed her. If she insults the girl, she will never leave the person concerned again. And if he even wants to go to court for that, there is no objection, even if it is clear Saif Ali Khan.

Saif also said, not only with the girl, but also wife Kareena Kapoor, sister Soha Ali Khan, and Sharmila Tagore, if someone behaves badly, Saif will not give her up.

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