& # 39; Peedamon 2 & # 39; is released in Hollywood

Presented by Shiam Ahmed and Pooja Chari, & # 39; Paddaman 2 & # 39; This film has been successful in the liberation after the liberation, now it will be released internationally. & # 39; Sunam & # 39; continues in Singapore after the festival & # 39; Pyaaramon 2 & # 39;

By the way, Razzak Rafi has directed the film on Jazz Multimedia Productions. About the release of Hollywood film actress Pooja Cheri said the movie was released in Singapore on August 22nd. He said that we received many reactions from the film, but also from abroad and from abroad.

On 16 September, the film will be a Hollywood premiere at One E Main Street in Los Angeles. He said that as a performer of this film is certainly a news of happiness for me. I hope that the expats will enjoy the photo.

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