& # 39; The Predator & # 39; at Star Cineplex

& # 39; The Predator & # 39 ;, a new movie in the & # 39; Predator & # 39; series, is released today in various countries of the world. On the same day the film will be released in Star Cineplex in Dhaka.

Shane Black, director of the science fiction film Cristiano Ronaldo. Many of them have played Boyd Holbrook, Trevant Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Mann, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Sterling K Brown and others.

The Predator series began more than three decades ago. First film & # 39; Predator & # 39; was released in 1987. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the star of the daisyite star in Hollywood, was the protagonist in the science fiction horror action film Een film. He played as the head of a troop, who faced an unfamiliar environment in a ruthless alien Schwarzenegger, defeated the audience with great action in the film.
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