All obstacles & # 39; desperate & # 39; overcome

This generation of filmmakers Roshni and Chitrangari Bobby starred in the film & # 39; Beparva & # 39 ;. The film is in great discussion with poster, song and teaser. Especially the beat-action of Rausan is criticized by critics. The film has completed all preparations for the release of the Eid-ul-Fit.

But a few days ago, the Bangladeshi directors' association filed a complaint against the photo & # 39; Beparva & # 39; The organization sent letters to prevent the film from appearing. But there was no work in it. All obstacles are coming & # 39; desperately & # 39; upwards.

On Monday (August 20) Raushan-Bobby & # 39; Beparvoa & # 39; the sensor license without permission. On Thursday, the photo was presented to the censorship board, but the members saw the film Monday afternoon at noon. Then release it without a hair clipper. Earlier, the information ministry and the FDC received permission for release of & # 39; Beparva & # 39;

Raja Chand, the maker of Calcutta, managed it & # 39; recklessly & # 39; to be. In this film, produced by Jazz Multimedia, there are more than Roshn and Bobby, including Kazi Hayat, Tariq Anam Khan and others. According to the sources of Jazz Multimedia, & # 39; Biparva & # 39; dedicated to the legendary actor Nayakrz Razzak.

The release of the Eid is confirmed with the removal of the sensor. As a result, this generation also fights in the film with Eid Superstar Shakib Khan. Now look, how does the public accept after release?

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