Amar & # 39; s Hero Salman Shah & # 39; s 47th Anniversary Today entertainment

Amar & # 39; s hero Salman Shah's 47th birthday today

Today, Salman Shah, the 47th birthday of the Rajkumar hero of the Dhaka cinema, If he was alive, the color of today was different. The devotees gathered around a crowd of cakes and flowers in front of his house. Had to run for safety, perhaps the law enforcers would have come. It was difficult to answer by the number of fans that stood by the number of nights. Because he is Salman Shah.

He is not, so what is the birthday of the party? No, Salman Shah Pankhara will soon be celebrating the festival. Akalak is the son of the Rajkumar Salman Shah or Nayak Bangla film. On this occasion, citizen TV will broadcast special events. Salman Shah's superhero hit film is broadcast at 3 pm Chitradi with the song being played on the sixth of the evening, shown by Salman Shah. Special public café will be promoted on the occasion of Salman's birthday at 11 o'clock in the evening. Fire and Siti Saha will be present as the artist.

During the ceremony, both the Fire and the Sithi will perform different songs performed in the film of Salman Shah. Misha Sodagar will be the special surprise during the ceremony. Misa Saudagar Salman will be remembered in the program broadcast live from the Citizen Studios.

The first film with Salman Shah in the lead was a singer from the popular songs of the time of Resurrection, the fire. Kamruzzaman Babu, head of the citizen's TV program, said: "Salman Shah organizes such celebrations to give visitors extra pleasure and hopefully the audience will enjoy the shows."

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