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The current generation of popular singer Sania Sultana Liza She is currently working on stage, new songs and playing. Not only this, it is often seen in the presentation of the ceremony that the artist is seen as the artist. He is also successful everywhere. His presentation is very well appreciated. In the meantime he returned from the American tour a few days ago. But this tour was only for holidays. Has not done any work. Liza returned home after a lot of vacation. And he is busy with the song. Already already participate in big show in different places of the country. Just like the performance on the TV channel. Liza said: "I was busy after I came to America to finish the tour." The bustle of the crowds is under way. As well as live singing on TV. Outside this new song there is work going on. Enjoying the crowds of everyone. When will new numbers arrive? Liza said, the audience always asked for new numbers. So after a while I tried to make new songs. This is no exception. We kept the number together. The song is made by Sajid Sarkar. Soon the video is made. So listen to the audience and wait a bit longer. Then we will release the new number with the video. In some films, there is further play. Hopefully some songs will be very good.

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