Before Captain Khan gave his release, a glimpse of the air bubble

Bubbly likes to decorate? Dark shadow Lipstick with lips, dressed in a dress? Yes, fans say it. She likes the red bubble. Last night, Shoban Yasmin Bubli placed a picture. Where he wore a red top with pants.

And in the comments field below the image the adjective banana had disappeared. One was Red Angel Bubli & # 39 ;. In a simple Bengali, Bubli was compared to reddish & # 39 ;. All comments, however, are positive. And the picture that Bubbly liked, no longer says. Because the movie "heart" emoticon is used without a caption.

Before the release of Captain Khan, Bubli showed the unity in social media. The film Captain Khan by Shakib-Bubali is released in the theaters of Eidul Azad. The film produced by Shapla Media is directed by Wazed Ali Suman.

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