Bollywood Star & # 39; s Foreign Boyfriend

Not only Priyanka Chopar, many Bollywood actors have foreign friends. Among them are Radhika Apte, Tapashi Pannu, Shruti Hasan and many more. The story of Bollywood stars was made with foreign friends.
Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte was suddenly seen in London with a famous musician Benedict Taylor. And the first love is love. Radhika started to learn how to dance in London. There are two identities of the two That year, in 2012, they are both married. The past 6 years they both have a nice way to deal with this distant relationship.
Tapashi Pannu
Tapi Pannu has also given a name to Bollywood from the southern film industry. Desi is the heroine choice, but foreign heroes Tapash likes to talk to badminton player Mathias Bo from Denmark In the Indian Badminton League in 2013 Tapisir met with the first Matthias Bo. Recently, in an interview, she herself has a boyfriend. Although he did not mention the boyfriend.
Myths laugh
The public has often seen the British theater actor Michael Corcell last year. Recently they returned with a holiday at a hill station in Tamilnadu. It is true, now that the British actress loves the myth.
Lisa Hayden
In 2016 the Pakistani telecom company Dino Lalvili offered to marry the model of filmmaker Kaya and actress Lisa Hayden. Leopard leaned down and patted Lisa. They married Europe a year later. They have a son named Jack.

Ileana D & # 39; Cucu
Ilya D & # 39; Cruz is obsessed & # 39; & # 39; by someone who likes to make the world lance. Andrew Nichoni is an American photographer. Ilyana likes to keep personal life completely personal. In the Christmas of 2017, Ilyana shared a photo of himself, & # 39; Photo by Haawi & # 39; in the title. Then the words of Andrew came forward.

Preity Zinta

Pretty Zinta, who was secretly married in Los Angeles, married Anaaf. Some close family members were invited to the wedding. Goodnaf is a US investment banker.
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka-Nick is the newest addition to the list of foreign friends of the country. Recently the two appointments and involvement have become buggy.
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