Deepika wants to return to Saabake?

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1:48 pm, August 21, 018

Deepika wants to return to Saabake?

Ranbir and Deepika, Bollywood & # 39; s most talked-about couple, are bound in November to the Italian Lake Como. When everyone waits for Deepipir to be one, Dippi is just in a tone. And in this factory there is no hearing for the devotees in the factory.

The news of the Times is that on August 19, World Photography Day Deepika, who placed the photo of ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor on his Instagram on this special day. The film was played by Deepika Padukone and the final film Tamasha & # 39; by Ranbir Kapoor On the photo you can see that Deepika denim jeans and white short shirts are in color, the colorful band on the head. He takes photos from Ranbir Kapoor from a distance.

Ranbir pauses on a hill near the distance for the photo. Dev and fans of Ranbir Singh are very worried about placing this photo of Deepika on World Photography Day. They did not even shatter the actress to troll None of the fans said that Deepika could not forget her former friend Ranbir Kapoor.

No one said yet again: Ranbir Singh is bad for Singh. Everyone knows how much you love Ranbir, and instead of what Ranbir's (Singh) earned? I understand that Ranbir has a lot of life partner of yours (Deepika). And you (Deepika) do not deserve the love of Ranbir Singh. & # 39; Someone else wrote for Deepika: Why did you post such a photo? Ranbir Singh must certainly be depressed. If you still do not forget Ranbir Kapoor, you will leave Ranbir Singh. This film is also the current lover Alia from Ranbir Kapoor, how will she feel? Someone else has written: & # 39; Shortly after, Ranbir Singh is married to Singh, why are Ranbir Kapoor still! & # 39;

But before the marriage of Deepika, this kind of messaging is in progress. In fact, Deepika's love with Ranbir Kapoor for Ranbir Singh is known to everyone. At the time, Deepika was so fond of Ranbir that he agreed to leave acting as the wife of the Kapoor family. But the relationship with Katrina Kaif is behind Ranbir & # 39; s Deepika. Deepika did not accept the shock at the time. Even Deepika herself said that she became mentally ill because she broke up with Ranbir Kapoor. He needed help from psychologists.

Then, after falling in love with Deepika Habuduubu Khan Ranbir Singh Dipika slowly came to him after he saw Ranbir Singh's love for him. Dippi came to Ranbir Singh just after the name of Ranbir. Ranbir Singh & # 39; s devotional love for Deepika. So the question has begun to get Ranbir Singh's decision to get married, but still Deepika could not forget Ranbir Kapoor?

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