Eid day is where the television is on

Pohale holy Eidul Azha & # 39; night. And the local television channel is full of entertainment on Eid. As always there are entertainment programs in the channels.

TV What is on the screen: The festival with the title & # 39; Star Time & # 39; will be on Jamuna Television with Bengali models to gain international acclaim. Bangladesh model Asif Azim, who worked regularly in India, took part in the ceremony for the first time. Jessia Islam, who represents Bangladesh in the World Beautiful Competition, will be with her. Pia, a popular model that works on the international stage. The event will be broadcast at 9 pm.

On the eighth day of the Eid is broadcast on Channel AI broadcast by Abul Hayat & Composer. Tariq Anam Khan, Shabnam Faria, Abul Hayat, artist Sarkar Apu and others have played in this drama in the story of Rabeya Khatun.

SA Ah Haq has the play & # 39; Ayaha Ray Ektusukhha Love & # 39; organized in the Bengali Eid. He also wrote the piece. In this piece Riaz, Nipuna and Nadia have played different roles. The drama will be shown on Eid 9 pm5 minutes.

ATN Bangla is at night at 8:30 pm and is played by Hanif Sanket, a playwright and directed drama, & # 39; The Last Anthesh Story & # 39 ;. Abul Hayat, Sharmila Ahmed, Riaz, Mir Sabbir, Kusum Shikder, Shuvashish Bhowmik, Shamim, Rakibul Hasan and others have played in the piece.

Ghatra Mazid is now a businessman in special drama starring Musharraf Karim. In the direction of Akash Ranjan composition and Shamim Zaman, Robna Reza Juii, Shamim Zaman, Annie Khan and others also played the role. The drama is broadcast at 8:30 am on Eid Day.

Gazi TV is broadcast on 7 of the 30th of the evening on the occasion of Eid, & # 39; Tum Mere Baat & # 39 ;, directed by Chayanika Choudhury. Subarna Mustafa, Richie, Shahed and others have played different roles in this.

Special TV series & # 39; Premik Bishu Pagla & # 39; will be broadcasted at 19.35 on Eid day. Mishu Sabbir, Nabila, Hindol Roy and others have played different characters in the essay and the direction of Email Haque.

The series "Hero Kei Villen", directed and directed by Masud Sajan, is being promoted in the case of the Eid-ul-Fit TV Eid In this, Chanchal Chowdhury, Richie, Dr. ir. Ejaz, Shamima Nazneen, Nabila, Abdullah Rana and others. The first episode of the drama is broadcast at 8:30 am on Eid Day.

The drama & # 39; Hero Akram & # 39; is broadcast on citizen TV. Many actors, including Zahid Hassan, Tisha, Saju Khadem, have acted in the direction of Himel Ashraf. The first episode of the drama will be broadcast on the occasion of Eid 19:00. Baishakhi TV is broadcasted on the composition of Alamgir Ahsan and directed by Faridul Hassan, the series "Boy"'s Doa Transport & # 39 ;. It has played various characters such as AHM Hasan, Jamil, Moushumi Hamid, Alvi, Chitralekha Guha, Amirul Huq Chowdhury and others. The first episode of the drama is broadcast at eleven o'clock in the afternoon.

Besides, every channel will have music concerts, Celebrities shows And magazines

BTV: Jugalbandi at 3.00 pm: Gauben Subir Nandi-Priyanka Biswas, Khurshid Alam-Sushmita Saha, Rafiqul Alam-Nandita, Shuvradev-Ananya Acharya, Rumana-Yusuf, Abida Sultana-Pratik Hasan, Linu Billah-Putul and Shamima Parvin-Munir. Anandamela at 10:20 am: Book and plan Harun Rashid Ferdous and full moon in the presentation. LRB, Balaam, Kanal, Kana, Akhi Alamgir, Shawkat Ali Imon, Bappa Majumdar, Nusrat Faria, Palash, Rinku, Ankon, Wardha Rehab and others. The evening at 6 pm 15 minutes: the songs of the film. Branch Momtaz: 18:00, Monitaz & # 39; s solo concert. Presentation Afsana Mimi

Channel I: Eid joy at 9:30: Keka Ferdousi in presenting and managing.

At 11:45 am, Bangladesh's love part 1: Zillur Rahman in presenting and managing. Political personalities and dignitaries will participate in various episodes of the ceremony. Late in Kukilkantha 17.00 and 40.00: the solo concert of Sabina Yasmin with the song of Lalon Rezwana Chowdhury flooding in the presentation

ETV TV: Star hat at 18.00: Silence, Emon and Tama Mirza take part in the competition. Sonia Hossain in the presentation. PhoneLive Studio Concert at 12 o'clock: Gaeyen Akhi Alamgir

Bangla Vision: At 5.15 pm, with the favorite face of festivals: Guest Ferdous, Apu Biswas, Crafty and Silent. Mootushi Believe in presentation

NTV: 21 pm outside the door: Gaeyen Bappa Majumder, Kanal. Presentation NoseHat quickly.

summer TV: Eid song at 8:15 am: Singing Momtaj Drama Song at 9 am 10 am: popular songs from television broadcast on Boishakhi. Best music from favorite artists at 9:35 am: Gaeyen Syed Abdul Hadi, Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Samina Chowdhury and India & # 39; s band Dohar. Presentation Ananya Preeti Eid joy in the song at 11 o'clock in the morning: Fakir Shahabuddin and Salma with the participation. Lauren in the presentation. Only 1 in the film melody at noon.

country TV: Songs and songs at 15.00: Direct singing Sinti Saha and Apu 20:00 18:00 Legends of Rock: Band Miles. Music Live at 9:45 pm: Sing directly to Shaon. Presentation Shravanya Touhida

channel Nine: Cinebitt at 16.00

SA TV: At 9:30 am on my hero-part 1: Guest Zayed Khan. Presentation in the presentation. The music time is 23.30 hours.

bright TV: Dancing at 8 am and 5 pm, the dance competition between men and women stars The leader of the boys is silent, the leader of the girl, Mehzabin. 14 stars will have 9 performances. Sweet and silent Khan in the presentation. Our photo of our song Eid photo at 12.30. Presentation Silent Khan

civilian TV: At 09.00 the song is shown in the presence of Ayub Bacchu, along with his popular songs, along with the songs of our time. Presentation marks Mitu Music Fair at 11 am: Momtaz will sing directly. Jannatul Ferdous Pia in the presentation

RTV: Game and Fame at 17.20: Guest silent, Irene, Heimi, Putul, Jhilik and Chowdhury Jafarullah Sarafat.

GTV: At 21.00 hours celebrities shows are given Maishangarata 8pm Star Night: Guest actress Mousumi. Presented by Maria Noor

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