Eid Exclusive & # 39; Lost Me & # 39;

Young musician Rubel.

Living in Singapore but with ordinary contact Bangla Song.

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Gonapara cuts the time he arrives in the country

Three years ago his latest album was released by Laser Vision, called "Jatra Achinpur." Music and music management of album numbers Wrote Bappa Majumder, Sumon Kalyan, Abhijit Jitu, Lutfar Hasan, Belal Khan, Tanvir Tarek and Rubel were co- stars in two songs.

Rubel's new song, "Lost Me", was released on Eid.

Rubel says [

] I try to do it regularly in a very busy way singing, and when I come home, my main occupation with music and chat is more with the music, and it number has been composed for some time. I would like everyone to enjoy it.

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Rubel and Tanvir Tariq: Collected photo & # 39; s

Tanvir Tarek, in the melody and composition of the song.

He says

& # 39; Lost Me & # 39 ;, a new truck in my music. This song in Pure Rock Compositions is a difficult answer for all my critics. Soon available Excellent sown ruble. Raihan Rafi & # 39; s Video Guide La Nawab Listen sooner Then the conversation will be. Because I have a lot of confidence in my own basic work. My favorite child is coming.

& # 39; Nish Me & # 39; from Mizanur Rafi.

His comment

Hopefully the song can take place in everyone's mind. It is really a matter of working with Raihan Rafi Bhai, Tanvir Bhai and Rubel Bhai in the same issue. The song can be seen in our current society story. I am very optimistic about the song.

<img style = "https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg; border-width: https://img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg; margin: https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg; " src = "https://img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg" alt = "https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg "width =" 900 "height =" https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/18/1534594341104.jpg "
Rubel: Collected Photo

Music video This year it will be shot under the supervision of Raihan Rafi, director of Burmman 2 & # 39; Shimul Khan and Jerry, starring Anwar Hossain, Newaz Shuvo, Sandeep, Tuhin, Zubayer and Alamin.

In the video It is a story about a city where people of all religions live. The story of life, the feeling of life, is reflected in the story of the story: that thinks, empowers and expands thoughts.

<img style = "https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png; border-width: https://img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png; margin: https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png; " src = "https://img.imageboss.me/width/700/quality:100/https://img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png" alt = "https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/ quality: 100 / https: //img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png "width =" 900 "height =" https: //img.imageboss.me/width/700/ quality: 100 / https: //img.barta24.com/uploads/news/2018/Aug/19/1534625154302.png "
Shimul Khan and Jerry

Rubel said [

little The song video was created in an exceptional story. Listen to this and listen to the audience and listen to the song.

Listen to the song and see:

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