Eid successive policy workshops of Bengali Vishwas

The seven-day festival of Eid will appear on the screen of the Bengali avatars & # 39; play fair & # 39; stand. The drama was written by the playwright and playwright Palash Mahbub and directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud. Palash Mahbub, the playwright of the play & # 39; Poliisi Kashem & # 39 ;, has said that a good and bad outcome of a drama depends a lot on the director and the craftsmen, according to Zahid Hassan, Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Amirul Huq Chowdhury , Kalki Khandaker, Mirakkal and many others. But I tried to give something good to the playwright's place. The policy game & # 39; policy kashame & # 39; is an entertainer drama. This game, like my other plays, has given a message to the public through humor. Hopefully, & # 39; Policy Kashem & # 39; are enjoyed by the visitors. Director Abu Hayat Mahmud is very optimistic about the drama. He said, good script, performance of artists and the sincerity of the channel authorities have all worked together to be hopeful. The rest is now in the hands of the public. A series of seven episodes & # 39; Policy Kashmeam & # 39; is broadcast from Eid day on the 8th of the month of Eid at 20:40.

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