Ezb celebrates & # 39; Awaz! Love & # 39;

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Natakpara Dhaka, waiting for the eighth time to rest again Today the lights in the National Theater will be lit by reducing Eid holidays. Theater is performed in the auditorium of the Studio Theater at 7 PM, while the drama drama & # 39; Jabar Azab Premabasa & # 39; takes place. Tomorrow another exhibition with drama will be held in the theatrical check-theater. The story of the piece was based on Anton Chekhov's The Beer. It was translated by Mobarak Hossain Khan. The story of the drama has progressed with three characters. Saif Suman has transformed and directed. On stage three characters will be implemented on the grounds of Ramanjit Raju of the drama drama Saif Suman by the stage composer Sangeeta Chowdhury and the theater art unit. In the story of "strange strange love", it will be seen in the story of the deceased husband, who always worries about the housewife, who accused the husband of deceased husband, caretaker Sabur. Eat the life of Sabur, eat and eat. But housewife Veena was so devastated by the death of her husband who forgot the daily life of the country. This is how the story of the drama progressed.

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