Faria, who came to celebrate the holiday, said Faria

Model and actress Faria Shahrin studies in Media Marketing at the Asian Pacific University of Malaysia. In 2008 he became the first runner-up in the Lux-Channel i Superstar competition. Then play in plays and advertisements. Also played in the film The actress, who was busy studying, came home four days before Eid.

Previously he had acted in a drama in the country to spend the holidays, but this time he said another. Faria said, she does not want to do any work now.

Faria wrote in her post on Facebook, "Brothers of Honorary Media, kindly request me, do not hesitate to ask me." I came to Bangladesh very briefly, celebrate Eid and spend a great time with my family and friends. I do not want to do any work on this holiday, I have just stayed in the joy of a couple of days, but with respect for showbiz, the media told me a lot, but not everything.

Faria said she should be in the country until next Monday. He does not want to participate in any media activity.

Faria Shahrien has worked in many plays and advertisements to prove herself as a successful model and actress. Besides the drama advertisement, Faria worked under the direction of Samia Zaman in the film "Akash ki Kicker & # 39 ;.


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