Feedback after two decades

Once popular tire feedback. Many of the group's songs still spread love to the public, the charm is spreading. The group has made a new number for almost two decades. The breakback breaks again and again. Feedback. Not only songs, music videos & # 39; s coming out.

FeedBack's new number, entitled & # 39; Come Back To Friends & # 39 ;, is a new number. The YouTube video released by the production company Dhuli Lusha Mirza, the director of the organization, said: "Those who made our Bangla songs rich, they are always on their side." We are happy with the popular band feedback from our country. As we saw in the 90s, band music has improved our music, and the new songs from the band are not able to reach the audience, so we want our new band from our country, as well as the new songs from the band. reputed bands of the new song are given to the public to give it to the audience Our effort is to begin with the feedback that band music has started with the feedback. & # 39;

On September 13th, & # 39; Come back to friends & # 39 ;, the music video recordings was made in September. The video clip was made by music video & # 39; s, e-music. And the video was directed by Yamin Ilan. The song is written and compiled by the feedback boxer and the most popular music director of the country, Fuad Naser Babu.

In this context he said: "He is a good friend of Raihan and writes a song about a younger colleague.A traffic accident was treated in the hospital and we, his best friends, were thinking of organizing an open concert, but at that time it is not possible for monsoon and other reasons: the song is written early and tunes, only to sing during that concert, strong desire to present the song to the audience, as well as the new attempt not to make a video for us for a long time to give. & # 39;

& # 39; Mela & # 39 ;, & # 39; Moushumi & # 39 ;, & # 39; Palki & # 39 ;, & # 39; Like & # 39; Fishfish in the phone & # 39; Come back & # 39; Friends will survive the era.


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