Hero Alam goes to Mumbai for the Bollywood film

Ashraful Alam alias Hiro Alam, who has negotiated through social media, will perform in Hindi films outside of the country's borders. Last month he gave the news that he will Prabhat Kumar this statue. manage. After the release of the photo, the answer was no longer many days. After such a big news about the drum drum, there have been many incidents that have not happened. How far is the work of the Hero Alam Bollywood film? Just tell us what the news is or what you are really going to do in Bollywood film Hero Alam! There were such questions in the media.

When he contacted Monday afternoon, Hiron Alam said, "Everything is fine." Hero Alam said: "Recording in our movie starts in December, Mumbai will go to Mumbai on 22 September to see the location of the photo, come back to the country on September 28. The photo does not stop working. , there is a lot of work to be done in a film.

Her character's hero in the film said: "I play the central character of this picture. I can be seen as a stupid man. I know it's not so easy to play stupid. I work hard for the night, do regular exercises and prepare for the picture. Hero Alam has never disappointed viewers, I believe that viewers will be fascinated by this film. & # 39;

This image of Hero Alam will be 2 hours and 10 minutes wide. In August the contract was signed between director Prabhat Kumar and Hero Alam.

In fact, Hiron Alam conceived a surprise discussion of social media. Then Dhaka came from Bogra and worked one after the other on the video clip. She got the chance to act in the film "But Chakka & # 39; However, this actor will play everything in Hindi films.

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