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Entertainment Correspondent: Kareena has sung in the play entitled & # 39; Blue Rangdhanu & # 39; on Eid. The title of the song is Moon Bolhay Ti & # 39 ;. Viewers have partially enjoyed the song at the end of the recently published Neel Rangdhanu & # 39; game on Maasranga Television. Now the complete song is released on the YouTube channel of YouTube Music Channel.

Hassan Rezaul made the game. Writes Masum Awal. Emon Chowdhury of the note band of tunes and vocals. Songs can be found in the video of two actors FS Nayeem and Shabnam Faria. The listener already likes the song.

In a commentary on the new song, Kana said, "This is a song from my favorite." From the day I sang the first song, I wanted the song to reach a better place, a beautiful song of innocence and the tone of innocence. the sense says it so. & # 39; It is one of my favorite songs to sing.

Song musician Emon Chowdhury said: "Song words were very beautiful, songs and songs were made with my greatest love." Kuna Apu sings great too. I believe the song will look like everyone else. & # 39;

Producer Hasan Rezaul told the story behind this song. Hasan Rezaul said: & # 39; Listen often to his songs in the tea rack with Masum Awal Bhai. Looks good I need a number for Eid's plays. Suddenly I told him to meet the Argentinian. He also came running. At night, in the dark corner of the market, I heard the lyrics from one song after another in the park. & # 39;

He also said: & # 39; I love two. Recorded in the voice of two Masum brothers of the text, I went to my friend Imon Chowdhury at night. Meanwhile, the last recording date of the theater. What if a demo is not? In the two songs the song & # 39; Man Bolheye Toi & # 39; together with the story of the piece. From that thought Emon sings demo version himself. I went with the shooting. Although I still do not like to think about the demo. Emon sings great

The idea is to use the number & # 39; So Man Bolhey & # 39; finalize. Eman thinks that without singing this song, no one will find comfort in the throat. I think so. Emon convinced himself to sing the song. Apu sings the song with great joy. Some things in the neck of the throat really do not seem to be without someone. I know everyone is a good artist. But I think Kanna is the best for some lyrics. Emon is very careful to make music. The song is full of a sweet tune. I often hear it – it seems nice to me. Later I can know that this song also heard this song two or three times a day. Good looks are in an infinite end. & # 39;

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