Jazz heroes and heroes have no freedom: Paramoni

The popular and fictional filmmaker of the Dhaka film Paramoni. The film was present on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Recently, the actor and presenter Shahriar Nazim Joy & # 39; s & # 39; Sense of Humor & # 39; present in the guest room. Responding to a question from the presenter, the heroine of the leading banner of the production house Jazz Multimedia said that she is a working heroine & # 39; is.

Jazz Multimedia arrives five years ago in the film production with the photos & # 39; Bappi and Mahi & # 39; couple & # 39; Love Colors & # 39 ;. Then the couple played together in several other films. After Bappi-Mahi, Nusrat Faria, Shipon Mitra, Jolly and the last Pooja Cherry and Shiam came to the discussion in the film. Those who work with this organization, they are considered "working heroes and heroes", Parimoni thinks.

Parumani said, "I think a hero or heroine will be in her own preferences and pace. Do not take pictures, why not do it with the permission of an organization! Those who work with Jazz Multimedia do not have the freedom to to be an artist.

Paramani & # 39; s debut was made in & # 39; Dhaludi & # 39; with & # 39; Love Unlimited & # 39; photo & # 39; s. The filmmaker then works in Jazz Multimedia & Blood; He could not work in the film for two years for this film.

He said: "I worked with Jazz Multimedia When I was in Jazz, I could talk about new work with no one other than jazz, for which I needed permission from Jazz."

To this, Paramoni said: "Those who work in jazz are a heroic hero. I worked with the company for two years. There was nothing to say about my freedom. When I was working, I felt like a working hero, and I felt it every moment. Everything happens with the permission of the organization. This is a very painful experience for me. Because I am a very independent man. I can not get a job that I did. I never agreed to do work. If there is a heroine in the house, nobody can respond. I could not be the heroine of that house because I reacted. While I was photographing the & # 39; Blood & # 39; movie I was mentally disturbed. It was shown, the scenes and songs were given the time to shoot, music and scenes had to be recorded during this period, otherwise songs and scenes would be suppressed. It is very difficult for an artist to hear this!

It should be noted that Paramini's debut came into Bangladesh's film three years ago as a promising heroine. Although the film was released in 13 years, the heroine only photographs two photos. Two of the photo's are 'Antar Jala & # 39; from Malek Afsari and & # 39; Swankajal & # 39; from Ghiyasuddin Selim. Because in these two films I became character without being a hero, as I really want to, "Parimoni said.


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