Jhagha Sunny Jhanti Sunita in the Ritabhira Magic

Sinister movement is bent! A little open picture. Ragrag scene Thousands of fingers on Sunny The pen level is the belt on the body. But in social media, many such photos are posted every day. But those are brave photo's! That is what the scientists say.

Banga Sundari Rishabhari gets the title Brave! The Sundari Insta album is after one full of hot poets. Seeing the eyes of fans of the eyes.

Ritabhari Chakraborty. He has seen several films and series in his hand with him. But the focus is on the rest of the table. Photo shoots with courtesy have always been the origin of friends. Actresses can live with live chat recently.

Shot film is also known outside Ebong. However, it is much less than the Sunny. But as in the two beautiful messages on Instagram, the eyes will be on the forehead. There he gives Sanchi Ritomta anecdotes!

Recently some sensational photo 's posted on Instagram, the heroine. Whose caption explains the flood of comments After placing these photos, he has actually become a hotkey cake for the cyber world.

Meanwhile it is heard that Ritwari after another & # 39; Knight & # 39; working on another shot movie yourself. Truppe ke rajat kapoor in heldinessay A few days ago he posted a photo on Twitter. And since then the buzz starts. Where it was written as & # 39; are new short film & # 39 ;. He is very enthusiastic about his own photo, he shared his excitement with everyone.

However, no matter how high Ritwari is, his fans have more than that excited. Recordings of this photo in different places in Kolkata. This shooting period has recently ended. Waiting for release now.

Rishabhari always wants to have a different kind of image. If he does not get a job, there is no problem in him. He came out in his interview. So he is working in a different kind of film again.

The story is written by him. The story of this photo is about the relationship between a professor and his student. While writing the story, Rajit Kapoor thought of Raswat as a professor.

BD daily / 18 August2018 / Arafat

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