Kangana in the avatar of Jhansi & # 39; s queen, the first look was released

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has taken herself to other heights with acting skills. The next post of Kangana Ranaut was released on the day of India's 72nd Independence Day monknikar poster. In the film, Jhansi rani Laxmibai can be seen as Kangana. The avatar is very clear in the poster. This actress is the other avatars in the warrior Luque

Kangana has made herself long before this photo. Kangna has proved that she is already an actor in the industry,

In the industry she has already proven herself as an actor, who from the beginning of the sword has learned to increase the character of Lakshmibai. This year too, there are expectations to sign something more than manganaranyika. In the film Tantia Topi can be seen in the character of Atul Kulkarni and Sadashiv, Sanu Sood can be seen on the picture.


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