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Bollywood Quinn Kangana Ranawat There are so many bad names and also the adjective & # 39; Quinn & # 39; for the name. And those bad names are with film directors, producers or other professionals. This bad name is increasing by the day. Many of them have to work with such problems. Because he is involved in every kind of shooting incident.

Kangana flutters the nose in the photo or the story in different times. And many Bollywood people have disturbed it. So before he cast it, the director Ashwini Aiyar took several paths. He has cast Kangana for his new photo "Pangaa & # 39 ;. Kangana is with the director for various activities of the film. And in the film he has signed a contract with the original agreement, Kangana can not take any other work except his work. So, in the paper, the agreement is made of Kangana.

Kangana & # 39; s last name begins with & # 39; Monicnika: The Queen of Jhansi & # 39 ;. Kangana sits in the director's chair while taking the photo. Many people say that Kangana is the director of the film.

The recording of the & # 39; Panga & # 39; movie starts later this year. And about his strange deal in this movie, he said: "I want to make a good movie. If I think there is a problem somewhere, talk to the management about the amendment. And if it's wrong, then I'm sorry. & # 39;

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