Karanjeet Kaur is the real Sunny Leone?

Based on the biography of Sunny Leone, there is a scene in the trailer of "Karanjeet Kaur & # 39 ;, a web series created by a journalist with the question:" What is the difference between a sex worker and a cast? " ? & # 39;
Sunny Leone replied: & # 39; One is the match – the two ports. & # 39;
On the scene of the trailer, where the journalist wanted to know the difference between a prostitute and a sex worker, it was difficult to photograph Sunny's side.
He said: & # 39; The question is very bad. But I did not want to exclude that part. Because this question is ordinary people! I also wanted to answer. & # 39;
Sunny Leone has been voted the most Google in India in the past five years. People want to see him, want to know more about him. But most people have already made an opinion about him in his own thoughts.
Sunny thinks what he thinks about him is because he is himself.
He said: & # 39; I am very clear to myself about my thoughts and life. But people always want me to see my abandoned life, along with leaving the profession. It is not their fault. But it must also be realized that I have changed myself over time. I hope that everyone can understand this changed man.
There are dances and songs known as & # 39; item numbers & # 39; in Bollywood, after a few days of acting, Sunny works as a character in the film.
The real name of Sunny Leone is Karanjit Kaur. Shiromani Gurudwara Management Committee, the top religious organization of the Sikh religion, objected to the use of this name. They said the title & # 39; Kaur & # 39; is very important in the Sikh religion. There is no doubt that a person like Sunny, who was involved in pornography, used the title of the web series, with the biography of her.
When this subject was brought to Sunny, he said: & # 39; This name is in his passport! This is the name given to the parents. That is my real name. Use the Sunny Leone name for work. & # 39;
Sunny has never been ashamed of working in the film.
It is illegal to view porn movies in India personally, but it is against the law to make or share such video or images. & # 39; The world's largest pornographic website, & # 39; Phahahab & # 39 ;, has the largest number of porn scenes in India, after America, Great Britain and Canada.
Sunny is asked: & # 39; Should a porn industry be established in India? & # 39;
Sunny replied: & # 39; I will not do it right. Whatever the decision of the Indian government and the people here, it will be! & # 39;
She adopted a girl and she has two sons through Sarogesi. He thinks his children have to get up very high, even if they want to go to Mars, they want it too. But he does not want to impose his own will or decision on children. Because his father-in-law was reluctant to do his work in a porn movie. But never did they impose their personal preferences on Sunny.
Although he has made important decisions of his own life, but it is difficult to live with the idea that the idea of ​​the common man has been created!
But the first thing I wrote about & # 39; Gats & # 39; or & # 39; Ihrimat & # 39 ;, he gave the answer to the last question with that blessing.
He said: & # 39; I still did not think about that. Mother had a dream for a long time Now I take the taste of maternal mortality. When the time comes, the children will be able to raise the truth about themselves.
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