Koffee with Karan: koffee with karan 6: we can expect aliha bhatt and ranbir kapoor to appear together! Ex-said: "condom kapoor & # 39 ;! What do you say in the ears of Alia?

This time the digital counter: Tell me what love is with Alia? Do you believe in the new buzz? Actually there was something with Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor who said that coffee with Karan & # 39 ;.

Think of a sudden & # 39; drinking coffee with & # 39; why?

Because it is known, Alia and Ranbir will be shown together in the sixth season of one of the world's most popular talk shows on television.

Ranbir Kapoor came with Ranbir Singh last season. Alia had a relationship with Shah Rukh. But this year's Ranbir-Alia is going to be an eye-opener. Two stars have agreed to take action in the case.

But Ranbir-Aliya has set a condition to come to this show. It is heard that these special episodes are being asked for a special phase of Brahmastra & # 39; to do with Karan. With the exception of these upcoming photos, they have signed up to ask questions in no other context!

Karan Johar is not so stupid that it can be said. Otherwise he would not have tried to bring this couple. Earlier, the X-ray bombs of Ranbir split into Coffee with Karan & # 39 ;. Ranbir's name was Kandole Kapoor & # 39 ;. Now it is being heard to join Alia again.

What is Allia's answer? What are you going to answer? Ninduqara says, & # 39; Dal May Kuch Kai Hai & # 39; is actually. That is why Ranbir-Alia is requesting a special delivery of this photo

Whatever the reason, however, visitors are looking forward to a strong episode of Coffee with Karan & # 39;

With the extraordinary amount of smoke, the coffee industry has a lot of gossip, different debates in the coffee cup. For the celebration of the personal life of Celest, the story of the crew is about to pair the fair.

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