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Diamond World & Miss World Bangladesh & # 39; was elected Jannatul Ferdousi Oishee. First runner-up Nishat Nawar Salwa and Najiba Bushra became the second number two.

Moreover, Smita received Tumpa Miss Trendy Award. Best Actress Award, Nishat Nawar Salwa, Best Fashion Runway Mandira, Ananya Award for Miss Smiley Award, Jannatul Mawa received Miss PhotoJenque Award, Nazia Bushra received Miss Talent Award, Shirin Shila received Miss Personality Award, Miss Sporty Ishrat Jahan Sabrina, Best Appearance Award Eyechena Jannatul Ferdous divine.

On Sunday evening the capital of Bashundhara International Convention City was illuminated in the presence of 10 beauties.

For the judges, when one of the beauties – Nishat Nawar Salwa, Manjira Bashar, Israt Jahan Saberin, Smita Tumpa Boro, Afrin Sultana Labani, Sumna Nath Ananya, Najiba Bushra, Jannatul Mawa, Shirin Shila and Jannatul Ferdous – The crown will be in the head up.

Final Icon Judge Miles Shafin Ahmed, Hamin Ahmed and Corographer Anisul Islam Hiru, before the performance, saw a glimpse of the competition.

At the beginning of the film, the audience fascinated the dance drama Apu Biswas. The young rage minaret created waves of waves on the stage with a voice. He played a popular song after dinner, including jhayar, jhooma. Of course, 10 participants showed the charisma of their dancer. ATN Bangla Chairman said the environment. Mahfuzur Rahman made the dance environment, the film mani Ekal. Pratik Hasan and Pritam Hassan came to the theater in the final part of the ceremony.

The presenter The Band of the Nineties presented a new information about the show phase and was a band called Dream Line. Led by Swapan Chowdhury. Although it is extinct, the band, called & # 39; Bangla Song & # 39 ;, started the journey with the song 'Miss World Bangladesh & # 39; on the stage.

Popular singer Shuvadev, model and actor Khaled Hossain Sujon, model Shabnaz Sadia Imi and Barrister Farabi played the role of judges in the eyes of the Inquisition. However, in the press release, the actress Tarin was mentioned on the main judicial panel, but he was not present on the day.

Bashundhara International Convention City broadcasts directly from the Rajdhara Hall of Bashundhara, ATN Bangla. The grand finale was presented by DJ Sunica, RJ Nirob and Azhara Mahmood.

In the case of the main event for the main event, the top 10 participants in the newly built 5-star Gulshan 2, Royal Paradise, have completed the gaming season.

On Wednesday 7 December, Dhaka leaves for the main event, Miss Worldling Jannatul Ferdous Oishee. According to the sources of the organizer, this is available about three months before the main episode. As a result, it is possible to win the final winner.

The world famous grumb Nolika Chatterjee will make her. He has won several crowns of the world championship since 1996.

Shobibi chairman Shapon Chowdhury said: "By September we have to send the name to the Miss World competition, so we have finished the program, and now all the preparations are great, we want to fight wildly for crowning trust."

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