Mother is Shayla Sabi

model and actress Shaila Sabi becomes a mother. Drama has earned a reputation by playing in the ad and the movies. The actress, who is married in 2016, is getting married. You woke up after the wedding. He became busy with the family. Shaila told the new news.

On August 18, Shiela Sabi was the mother of social media on Facebook. He wrote in the status of Alhamdulillah, wants to remain so affectionate and wants to keep you the same way. May Allah bless us, our trust must be good and just, we can jack up. & # 39;

Because Shaila Sabi told the news on his Facebook wall, his friends, close family members, benefactors, fan flowers greeted him. He also answered one of their comments.

Sheela Sabi married Sabbir Ahmed on September 23, 2016. In 2014 the film was filmed by Impress Telefilm, & # 39; Priya Ho Happy Ho & # 39 ;, in the movie Shila Sabi. In the same series, his actress & # 39; Ghasful & # 39; released. In addition, he worked in & # 39; Adi & # 39 ;, directed by Tanim Rahman. The image is waiting for release.


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