Moudud, who was shocked by the behavior of Obaidul Quader

Moudud – BNP Standing Committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed said that since last Thursday I have been blocked. The police station does these things in the direction of Awami League General Secretary of the area.

He said: I am not in power, why should I have a carnage? The government is going to say that I receive police protection because of public outrage. Those who were part of the opposition did not know it in public. People are in power against those in power.

He also said that this behavior of Obaidul Quader shocked me. I thought that the area of ​​Obaidul Kader would practice democracy. But now it is seen that there is no practicing democracy in his area.

He said this during a press conference in his residence in the village of Manikpur in the Sirajpur Union under Companiganj upazila by Noakhali on Wednesday (August 22).

Moudud said that the program will be given at that time. He will be in the program – the parliamentary elections under a neutral neutral government. Earlier, BNP chairman Khaleda Zia would be released. Parliament will be broken. Again, people from the country will be united to regain democracy.

Moudud complained that the police's ban on exchanging greetings with my Eid is forbidden. Eid greetings had to go to Busurhat Bazar and Bhuirhat Bazar and exchange Eid greetings with the leaders. The police did not let me leave the house.

Upazila BNP President Haji Abdul Hail Selim, General Secretary, Nurul Alam Sikder, former mayor of the BNP Kamal Uddin Chowdhury, general secretary Mahmudur Rahman Ripon was also present.

Where does Priyanka get married?

Priyanka has already gone to the United States with Nick Jones. Nick will be sitting next September, Priyanka & # 39; s wedding reception. It is heard that he will tie up with Priyanka on the 26th birthday of Nick. But, in Mumbai, when the wedding season is celebrated, where will Nick marry, Priyanka?

Where does Priyanka get married?

According to the Bollywood diwife, Nick, Priyanka or get married on the island of Hawaii. In other words, Piggy will run sarpakake with Nick on the mountains and the sea. But if the media do not have an eye for the wedding, Nicole wants a wedding ceremony with good friends, Priyanka. And that's why they are selected for a quiet place like Hawaii.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones have married abroad for the marriage of the former pop star Marcus Popper. Not only that, one of the most preferred places in the area is the island of Hawaii. That is why they are heard that they want to bundle there.

It is known, however, that it is in accordance with Hindu customs, even if it is decided to marry in Hawaii. In other words, Priyanka Malabal wants to recite the mantra, even as he wandered around with Nick Jonas in Satpak.

Salman, hiding in the room of a loved one, then …

The friend's house has kept secretly hidden and came to meet him to meet him. Call Plots Bell! Unbelieving parents have come back! For fear of the imminent dangers, the friend hidden in the room of the girlfriend! But where is the last salvation? The dust of the almirah went into the nose. And the boyfriend lied in it. Take immediate hand!

Lover has made such events public so long ago. Although he said that he had survived the journey only because he loved the father of her lover. This friend is no one else, Salman Khan himself!

Recently, Salman was in the role of a real-time show called & Ka; Ka Dum & # 39; in a private channel. In an India press release it was claimed that the Bollywood star revealed the secret to Salman, who was trapped in a hat trick about how to become a Ten Kama Dam & # 39; can reach.

Salman, hiding in the room of a loved one, then ...

According to him, the age of Salman is 52, but he still has no one connected. Although Bollywood is overwhelmed by his close relationship with different heroes at different times. There is no mention of Aishwarya Rai, Sangita Bijlani, Somi Ali, Katrina Kaif on that list!

Currently, the chemistry of his relationship with model actress Yulia Vantur is no less than a whisper in Bollywood. A few fans of Reel or Real Salman have always liked to watch him with Katrina. There is no end to the curiosity among his fans about the love and marriage of Salman. As opposed to such a hero he had heard of the experience of his first life in the life of the public.

Can not dust the salon. He is a bit aware of it. So sometimes he is seen to hit the nose. Artists often drew their nose when they enchanted Salman. That Salman, who really is in the grip of dust, is in reality a laughable situation.

Rajkumar Rao and heroine Shraddha Kapoor, the hero of the wife of the expectant woman, was in this episode of Ten Kai Dam & # 39; present. Rajkumar also shared interesting, fun stories about his life with the public.

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