My personal life is no one's business, says Priyanka Chopra for the Roka ceremony with Nick Jonas

Yellow maid Salazar Kamiz Desi Girl Foreign pottery in white kurtas and pajamas. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra sealed in Bagdan's speculation.

After the Pooja Paddha in Juhu home this morning, & # 39; Roka & # 39; completed with Hollywood singer and songwriter Nick Jonas. Priyanka has shared special moments with Instagram. Priyanka's family and good friends were present during the morning's ceremony. Nick & # 39; s parents and father The actress organized a party at five o'clock in the evening for the friends of the industry. Reports of Ranbir Singh, Karna Johor, Manish Malhotra and Rabina Tondon appear.

On the birthday of Priyanka (July 18) London heard that a fight has happened. When she was asked to Priyanka in this connection, she said: "My personal life is not the pleasure of being seen by the public." But the past few days Priyanka's left hand Anirapati of the diamond ring Paparati Salman Khan & # 39; s actors & # 39; India & # 39; also supported the suggestion to leave his upcoming marriage with Nick. Salman was absent from work, but Salman's sister Arpita Khan was present in the morning session.

On this day there was a Panjabi post in the afternoon menu. Nuts from Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken Nike Preferred. On the night menu there was Indian and continental mail. Priyanka's sister Paraniati Chopra was the first guest at the city's five-star hotel at night. Recalling his childhood, he later wrote in the Instagram: "I used to play Mummi Didi's house in my youth … I am a witness here today." Nick Jonas's father welcomed the Habu Bau family.

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