Mzamin Mobile The call from Sunny Leone

Mzamin Mobile The call from Sunny Leone

Dhaka, September 6, 2018, Thursday

The call from Sunny Leone

Entertainment agency September 6, 2018, Thursday, 10:09

Sunny Leone has achieved success by starting her career in Bollywood. After one success a company gave gifts to successful companies. He has also worked very well in Bollywood films. The heroine is currently working on a few new films. However, he recently released a new video. And in the video a call has been made for everyone.
Sunny works for helpless women and children. He also participated in the formation of a fund for them. The actress has released this video in her sequel. Sunny said in the video that there are a large number of helpless women and children in India. These women and children are deprived of their basic needs. But there is no one to stand next to them. Their cooperation is desperately needed. If that happens, they can live a normal life. I will ask everyone to stand next to these women and children, depending on the ability. It is our duty as a man. Please, come forward.

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