Neha was pregnant, opened her mouth

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia Suddenly he married Anand Bedi a few days ago. After the wedding photo of her wedding, she began to cry. Going to the Gurdwara, the marriage was accepted according to the practice of Panjabi.
But after the marriage, Neha began with the new Gossip Many began to say, Neha's childbirth. That's why he made a makeshift marriage, he said. It was also heard, the couple will soon announce this news publicly or not. The Gossip spreads mainly through social media. Naha made the ballad for this speculation. Anad, however, opened his mouth.
Angad recently said in an interview: "The platform that is open to each other on the platform should never be misused, if there is a constructive opinion, the day, but give dirty opinions, and I will accept it as the husband of Nehra, it can not be, if you can not say that, do not say … & # 39;
Especially the social media have taken an elephant, although he has not blown all the speculations against Nehra. not really accepted in social media, because part of the industry supports the confirming speech of the organs The question of one part is correct, whether Neha was pregnant, but the limbs did not open, as a result of which speculation does not stop.

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