Parineeti Chopra is pitted for a tight outfit at Namaste England promotions dgtl

Shoulder-like dress. Paraniati Chopra went to film promotion in Mumbai. And the clothes that are heavily turned with the dress, Trollen is also one of the reasons why she could not handle it.

Parineeti came to the promotion of & # 39; Namaste England & # 39 ;. Together with Arjun Kapoor Actress, who came forward to spoil the paparazzi. Uncomfortable feelings about clothing. Never dress up your own clothes, never let her down.

Many people have seen the photos, they are not able to wear the garment they wear, the result. On Instagram someone writes: "The definition of a garment is almost always self-assured, but after losing weight I have seen a turbulent condition in my clothing."

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And at the end someone else said: "What is the need to wear this type of clothing that can not be handled?" Someone mocked the clothes and body of the actress again. Wrote directly on the social platform: "The dress is very tight, it looks like his body is in leopard, I am not fit enough."

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Fat was fattened in 2016. He should have been trolling earlier. That body is too shameful The affair was then said: "I have always had a healthy way of dealing with it." Why did you become lethargic? This question comes back to the confectionery. And in response to the actress's response: "I am grateful to God for sending me a Bollywood hero, and that morale helped me to be skinny."

After a few flopes we will give the new film a new look. Arjun Kapoor can be seen in & # 39; Namaste England & # 39 ;.

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