Poppy & # 39; s different ideas about birthday

Poppy & # 39; s different ideas about birthday

Dhaka, September 10, 2018, Monday

Poppy & # 39; s different ideas about birthday


Staff Reporter September 10, 2018, Monday, 8:57

National Movie Winner actress Sadda Pervin Poppy's birthday today but he does not do any program on this day. Popularly known for his special birthday on this birthday, He said that my father's body has been getting worse for a long time. So do not do ceremonies at home or outdoors. However, we will meet orphans on the occasion of birthdays, distribute food and spend some time with them. I am happy with this. This way I want to celebrate this birthday. But I would not mind if a benefactor or friend would like to celebrate my day differently. Just pray that everyone is as good as me, healthy. I can work in some of the better films.
In 1995, when her daughter, Poppy, Khulna, came to the media via the Lux-Ananda Bichitra photo contest for competition. Then the film debuted in the film & # 39; Coolie & # 39; directed by Monzaazur Rahman Akbar. Poppy became popular with the first photo. Then this actress played about one and a half hundred films. He has won three other National Film Awards and many other awards in recognition of his outstanding achievements in & jail & # 39 ;, & # 39; Cloud Cool & # 39; and & # 39; Gangajatra & # 39; Currently, under the guidance of Sadek Siddiqui, Poppy is opposed to Amin Khan in the movie Sahasi Yuddha & # 39 ;. This picture is in the final phase. By the way, Poppy is also working on a movie called & # 39; Sarat Chandra & # 39; in Kathgadha. Ferdous acts in front of the poppy in the film directed by Arifur Zaman Arif.

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