Pressure-quail busy looking for & # 39; treasure of a person & # 39; in Thailand

Staff Reporter, Calcutta: Headlines There is nothing to amaze. They found their way in the Sagardwip in Thailand. But behind it is the mystery. Not to travel to the coast, but to treasure bag & # 39; to find. Let's say it without smog. The upcoming photo of Saiyantan Ghosal is' treasure of the jewels of Sagardwip & # 39; They went to Thailand to shoot this film.

After long returning to Parvartu Last seen was in the movie "Highway & # 39 ;. During the film, another section has seen the absolute and the Koyel pair. Excitement and adventure on this photo also include excitement and adventure. But before the audience got to see them in the same way, this pair will be completely different.

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Prior to the director, Cyntan gave the gift to the farmer's treasure & # 39; & # 39; The treasure of the jewels of the sea & # 39; is the continuation of the & Dhok Dhan & # 39; movie. Photo recordings have already been started. Hopefully in the story of the photo, in the previous image (& # 39; Jack & # 39; s Treasure & # 39;), Parambratt Chatterjee and Rahul Banerjee were seen in the leading role.

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On the other hand, the villain Sabyasachi Chakraborty and the other side of the story went through Kaushik Sena and the government of Priyanka But in this movie (& # 39; treasure of the jewels of Sagardvipa & # 39;) new additions Cool Mallick This film will also be seen by Parambrat Chattopadhyay, Gourb Chakrabarti Kaushik Sen, Rajatov Dutta, Kanchan Mallik and Shantilal Mukherjee K.

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Thailand will special in this film are recorded. Various recordings will take place under water.

What is & # 39; Captain Khan & # 39; who is looking for?

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Love, romance and romance. With the exception of love, absolute excitement and adventure will be filled with "treasure of the sun of the sea." Although the release date is not yet correct, the audience waits a few days.




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