Priyanka Bagadan, Kanden Alia

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra and the American singer Nick Jonas are married, the news is old.

The ceremony in Baghdad is Saturday. /

Alia Bhat cried on her way to the house of Priyankara to take part in this event.

A video Viral has gone through social networks

In the video,

Alia is in the car at the house of Priyanka Chopra, indicating that she has to remove herself from the front, and then the water in the eyes light aliyah.

But why cry, Alia, it is clear Could not be.

Priyankar Mumbai Saturday there were special special occasions for worship on Saturday.

The guests were at lunch.

was also in the evening.

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Greetings is the new pair added.

Even after he was not present, Preeti Zinta, Arpita Khan, together with several balls The married star greeted the new couple.

Their good wishes have reached the Priyanka-Jones pair of social media. /

On Sunday, Mumbai organizes a special occasion in New Delhi.

Bollywood & # 39; s first series Almost all stars will be present Not known.

But do not stay with Salman Khan – Shahrukh Khan.

<img style = "https: //; border-width:; margin: https: //; " src = "" alt = "https: // "width =" 900 "height =" https: // There is a possibility that Shahrukh-Salman

was so strong.

There was a fuss about Priyanka's relationship with Shah Rukh and it was postponed to marry Priyanka, this is only for Shah Rukh.

It is also reported that Shahrukh- Gauri also made nonsense about these reasons

Perhaps Shah Rukh will not go to greet Priyanka-naka, although many think that Shahrukh is busy with his upcoming photo "Zero & # 39;"

Meanwhile Salman is on the cover of Priyanka.

The idea is not yet molten Barr.

Priyanka's crime, recently returned to the offer of Salman & # 39; India & # 39 ;.

This Khan Shahbahab can not be seen today.

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