Priyanka's mother was talking about marriage

Talk about the wedding day after the wedding of Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra and musician and songwriter Nick Jonas. There is a buzz, this is the wedding of the couple in October. But Priyanka's mother Madhoo Chopra has blown up the excitement.

Madhya Chopra, the online DNA, said: "They (Priyanka-Nick) have not yet made a decision about the wedding date, it's been so long ago, these absolutely unfounded rumors, now they have a lot of work, and they have to end. marry, they have to make time. & # 39;

Last Saturday, Priyanka and Nick got caught in the fight. The first phase of the process of the star begins with the practice of Hindu rituals, through the ceremony of worship. Since then, devotees are looking forward to their wedding day.

Asked about the date of a possible marriage, one of those present told the Indian media, Mid Day, when everyone wanted to know when they would marry. It will be fast. Will be informed later. But after Priyanka & # 39; s The Sky Is Pink. Priyanka will go to work next week.

Many suggest that the marriage of Priyanka-Nick will be arranged at the end of this year. Others say that on September 16, on Nick's birthday, to organize a wedding. But Priyanka's mother blew up the crowds.

Madhu Chopra said: I wanted to involve them in the tradition of Indian marriage. That was my only requirement. I started to worship Rokta, which is very important to me. I am a modern mother, but my heart is completely conservative. & # 39;

Priyanka and Nick sat before the Rokha ceremony for worship. Then the ring had changed. Madhu Chopra said: "During worship, Nick enjoyed the prayer, which is absolutely new to him, so he took it in. Nick followed what the scholars said Sanskrit mantra was right in saying Nick and his parents were to do all that well, they are truly extraordinary people. & # 39;

Priyanka's mother praised the grandfather and said, "Nick is very calm and mature, he is a great man, everyone in the family loves him. She is respectful and respectful to older people, the mother wants what she wants. # 39;

It is known that the cakes of Priyanka-Naik were specially made. The weight was 15 kg – three people took this cake to pick it up. The interesting news is that the cake was arranged with 24-carat gold!

Three-tiered white and pink cakes are wrapped in gold. Take care of the flowers of the flowers and everyone's attention. The weight of 24 carat gold wrapped up to 15 kilos of cake was served to 30 guests. 24-carat golden leaves, pink orchids, many things are used.

Priyanka-Nick Junket is first seen at the Mitt Gala-2017 event. After this the fury of love for the pigeon began. Both were seen together during lunch and dinner in New York. Now wait for the wedding.

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