Riaz-Poppy is the first advertiser to advertise

Nayak Riaz and heroine Poppi Poppy acted more than once in drama and cinemas. They played together in the film "Revolt around", "Sun in the clouds of cloud". and 39 Kya jadu karela & # 39 ;. The couple tied the ad. This is the first time they work on advertising, Poppy said.

The recordings of this ad directed by Redwan Roni are under way in Savar. She said about Riaz-Popi: "I actually work with the character for the needs of the story, I'm working on this ad for Riaz and Popi, both are many artists, and I hope visitors will see them through this ad." ;

Poppy said, "I have worked with Riaz Bhai in many films, some of which have been edited, we've also added several stage performances, but we're working on this first pair in ads, and it's good to work with Riaz Bhai again. I always like working with Riaz Brother, many craft artists, as well as people.

Poppy said: "I actually started modeling the media, which is why I have an extra vulnerability to advertising, which is why I try to hear about advertising and participate in it, but of course that project must be my choice, the choice for a co-op. star.

This month the advertisement will be published in various TV channels and newspapers will be published.

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